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Archeological Sites

The Mayan Culture Spans Over 3 Periods:

  • The pre-Classic period, from 2000 BC to 300 AD
  • The Classic period, from 300 AD to 900 AD and
  • The post-Classic period, from 900 AD to 1500 AD.

The Mayas developed and mastered skills and art such mathematics, astronomy, agriculture and architecture; additionally, the also archived great things in the social, political and economic aspects of their lives.

The most important archeological Mayan sites are all located in Petén, among which we can mention the following:

Other Important Archeological Sites:


Unlike most of the ceremonial centers of the Classic period, where an urban design is not evident, Yaxha has two sections with different quadrangular architectural structures, placed in such a way that they form a web of streets and plazas. The road that leads to this site starts in Flores and runs for about 80 km.


It's the most ancient of the Mayan cities and is believed that it was here where the Mayas consolidated their culture, perfected their writing system, and started to create their calendar is located 24 km from Tikal.

El Mirador

It is located a mere 7 km from the border of Mexico. It has the most number of buildings that have ever been found in the Mayan area until now. More information about El Mirador.

El Naranjo

It possesses several architectural structures and numerous steles that have valuable information recorded. Its most important monuments include a hieroglyph-covered staircase and a ballgame court. Several studies have confirmed that El Naranjo was very related to Tikal.


This is not a recommended place for the average tourist, for it lacks impressive buildings altogether. On the other hand, it sure is interesting for those specialists and scholars of Mayan culture, for the glyphs carved on its steles, and for those who love adventure, since the site can only be reached by water unless the water Level of the Petexbatun Lake is really low and therefore many portions of the journey have to be made on foot.

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