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Travel Tips

The Guatemala Tourist Comission has issued some guidelines that will help you enjoy more your vacation in Guatemala . Believing is convinient for you, we reproduce it.

  • Use only the authorized tour operators, travel agencies and taxis, those are clearly identified. Cab drivers must carry a visible Identification in the cab. They must use their meter trips of 12 kilometers or less, for longer trips, the fare might be negotiated before hand.

  • Never leave your personal belongings unattended.
  • Always carry a photocopy of your passport, showing your photograph and the date you enter the country. Leave the original in the safty deposit box of the hotel.
  • Keep your airline ticket, important documents, cash and travel checks in the hotel safty box.
  • Always change money at a bank or hotel. Never on the street.
  • Don´t wear valuable jewlery and carry only the amount of money you´ll need for each day.

When renting a vehicle it is important to become familiarized with driving rules and regulations of the country. Please review the following summary of Guatemala´s traffic laws:

  • Always carry your license, photocopy of your passport and car rental contract at all times. The law requires all car passengers to wear a seat belt.

  • Your personal documents and the vehicles registration papaers are private property and may not be retained by a police officer for any reason.
  • If a police officer insists on stopping you or retaining your documents for no apparent reson, ask him to escort you to the nearest police station to clear the problem.
  • If you are involved in an accident, always wait until a police officer or an insurance company representative arrives. Do not move your vehicle.
  • Driving under influence of alcohol and / or drugs is strictly prohibited. The law enables police officers to perform alcohol tests on drivers
  • Do not stop for people making signals and never stop for hitchhikers.

For safety inside national parks and at the beach, follow this tips.

  • Read safty rules posted inside parks.

  • To ensure a safe and pleasant visit walk along the marked trails.
  • It is best to explore the trails in groups of two or more
  • Do not touch the plants or attempt to pet the animals.
  • At the beach before entering the water, find out which are the safest areas.
  • Request informations about tides and undertows with your hotel lifeguards.
  • Do not stop for people making signals and never stop for hitchhikers.
  • If you want to extend your stay in our contry, you must request the necessary permission from the Imigration Authorities.
  • Any problems must be reported at the National Police headquartes, qhere you should receive a written copy of your statements.

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