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Jutiapa means “Birthplace of the Sun”. Volcanic activity has formed this marvellous landscape with its many natural attractions. It is in fact one of the most volcanic region in the entire country. There are more volcanoes here, although non of volcanoes is as high as the other volcanoes in the rest of the country. To name only the most important volcanoes: Suchitan (2,043 meters of altitude), Chingo (1,775 meters), Moyuta (1,662 meters), Amayo (1,544 meters), Ixtepeque (1,292 meters), Las Viboras (1,070 meters), Culma (1,027 meters), El Tahual (1,716 meters).

It seems ironic that Jutiapa is also known for a large amount of water on its soil. Those waters are not large - mainly lagoons and gaps - but there are many of them. The largest ones are Güija and Atescatempa. Among the ones of minor importance are: El Comendador, El Obrajuelo, El Peñon, El Carrizo, La Bermeja, El Muchacho, El Tule, San Juan, Las Hojas, La Encantada, El Muerto, Cruz Roja, El Naranjal and many more. The most important rivers are: Amayito, Salado, Tamasulapa, Ostua or Grande in Mita, Mongoy, Tusamates, Pulula, Chalchuapa, and Paz. Jutiapa’s is the cradle of the Xinca culture.

Places to visit in Jutiapa

Lake Güija

Güija is the largest of the lakes in the east. There is an imaginary line going right though the lake representing the border between the Republics of Guatemala and El Salvador. This is a great place for camping, fishing or just go for a walk. The area is hot and dry, so many go to the lake for a swim.

Lake Atescatempa

Besides its rare beauty this place attracts many visitors because it lies at the base of the Las Viboras volcano that is a popular destination for climbers.

Marine Beaches

The department of Jutiapa is not really famous for its beaches, although the sea here is very quiet. Among the most beautiful beaches are: Barra del Jiote, El Limon, Barra de la Gabina, La Barrita, and Coyolera. The relative isolation of these beaches makes them very attractive to some visitors.

Anda Mira Cave – A Natural Spa

This is an extraordinary place: a small spa built right in the entrance. The water is very clear, since it originates in the cave itself. It is visited by local and foreign visitors who wish to take a bath, walk or to explore the surrounding nature.

Exploring and studying caves can be very exciting and adventurous. Even just a single day in a cave can take you to another world. The Mayas believed that caves were the sacred entrance to the underworld. As a result of many porous limestone deposits, caves of every conceivable size, shape, length or depth exist in Guatemala. These caves can be visited walking, swimming, rappelling or by boat.

Local fairs

Jutiapa, November 13; Santa Catarina Mita, November 25; Agua Blanca, January 6; Asuncion Mita, August 15; Yupiltepeque, October 18; Atescatempa, November 3; Jerez, March 5; El Adelanto, March 19; Zapotitlan, February 18; Comapa, December 15; Jalpatagua, December 21; Conguaco, December 8; Moyuta, March 13; Pasaco, San Jose Acatempa, February 4; Quezada, November 28; El Progreso, February 11.

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