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Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa is characterized by a variety of climates; from cold at the Soledad Mountains or Mataquescuilntla to hot at the Pacific coast. Its economy is based on agriculture, especially coffee and livestock farms and therefore it is a famous place for cheeses, milk creams and butters.

Places to visit in Santa Rosa:


There are four volcanoes: Tecuamburro (1,945 m high) located in territories of Pueblo Nuevo Viñas, Taxisco, and Chiquimulilla; Jumaytepeque (1,815 m high) in Nueva Santa Rosa; Cruz Quemada (1,690 m high) in Santa Maria Ixtahuatan and Cerro Redondo (1,220 m high) in Barberena. The Tecuamburro and Cruz Quemada are the most impressive ones. Both belong to the Mountain Chain and from their tops you can see the shores and the Pacific Ocean. The other two volcanoes are the most visited ones, although all four of them are easy to climb.

Monterrico Natural Reserve

The town Monterrico town lies in the heart of the reserve that belongs to the municipal district of Taxisco. It is a section of the Chiquimulilla Channel made of shores, mangroves and rivers. At the shore you can try delicious seafood, drink a fresh coconut and simply enjoy the sun. The sunsets here are marvellous too. If you consider becoming a volunteer for one of the environmental programs contact the Centro de Estudios Conservacionistas.

Del Pino Lagoon

Its closeness to Guatemala City and Cuilapa makes this lagoon a very popular place. On weekends you’ll find all of the little local tiendas (shops) open. This place offers a wide range of free-time activities such as soccer or go horse back riding, swimming or fishing in the lagoon.

Ayarza Lagoon

A little further away but just as beautiful this lagoon invites visitors to go fishing or watch birds.

Ixpaco Lagoon

This lagoon can be reach only though a dirt road. But it is worth the hassle, because in it you will find a rare deposit of sulfured waters. With no doubt this is the result of the Tecuamburro volcanic activity. The lagoon is almost circular, with a diameter of approximately 350 meters, with the typical yellow color and astrong sulfur smell. The waters are warm and often used for medical purposes. The scenery is of a particular beauty.

Los Esclavos River

If you like to camp this is just the place for you. There are many swimming pools along the river where visitors spend quiet nights under the moonlight or the stars.

Sea Shores

The entire Santa Rosa coast is made of continuous beaches with a length of 45 km. Some of the beaches are isolated with very few tourists going there, others are close to hotels and restaurants. Hence depending on where you go, you will find very different places. The most visited ones are: El Garston, Madre Vieja, La Candelaria, El Pumpo, Monterrico, Hawaii, Los Limones, San Jose Buena Vista, and Las Lisas, considered the most beautiful beach in the Pacific Coast of Guatemala.

Chiquimulilla Channel

This long channel crosses all of the department separated from sea only by a piece of invaluable, colorful and sunny land. Through the channel you can reach any place in the department sailing.

Autosafari Chapin

Another exciting place to visit is Autosafari Chapin, a local park where local and foreign animals can be watched. There Restaurants inside the park.

Local Fairs: Barberena, January 6; Casillas, January 15; Chiquimulilla, May 3; Cuilapa, December 25; Guazacapan, December 8; Oratorio, March 3; Pueblo Nuevo Viñas, January 15; San Juan Teacuco, January 25; Santa Cruz Naranjo, May 3; Santa Maria Ixtahuatan, December 16; Santa Rosa de Lima, August 30; and Taxisco, January 15.

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